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We are here to bring American Higher Education and quality international education to Tunisian students, African students and those students in other countries who cannot afford acquiring it due to financial, political, and geographic barriers. Our objective is to offer quality education in innovative, effective, and assured delivery methods. TTU began its educational journey as an advanced university with emphasis on business, technology, and sciences. With a renowned leadership TTU attracted the international educational community to launch joint ventures to share academic experiences and advance knowledge to all scholars and students beyond geographic boundaries. The University supports and encourages scholarly activity among its intellectually vital faculty. Much of the work has professional application, and TTU particularly invites scholarship that directly relates to the classroom experience and involves students in the research process. We have brought research funds intended for students and young scholars to establish labs to conduct and advance research in new areas of research. For instance, TTU is currently holding research labs in cybersecurity, mobile applications, and intelligent computing. We offer accredited programs directed to your career and future in Business Administration and Management, Law, Journalism and Communication, Information Technology and Computer Science, and Engineering.

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Charguia 1: 14 Rue 8609, Charguia I, Tunis, Tunisia.

Montplaisir: 14 Rue Imam Rassaa, Kheireddine Pacha, 1002 Tunis, Tunisia.


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